The Laboratory of “Advanced Materials and Micro devices- LAMDE” of NTUA and specifically the team of optical spectroscopy (micro-Ramanand photoluminescence) focuses on the study of semiconductor, nanocomposites and biological materials with applications in microelectronics, energy, environment and health. Indicatively, the study using micro-Raman spectroscopy with surface enhancement of the signal of cancer cells as well as the development of photocatalytic anticancer coatings is mentioned. In addition, the team has many years of experience applying modern optical spectroscopy techniques to a variety of systems, the ability to measure in a controlled environment and the characterization, modification and development of integrated devices. In addition, the laboratory participates in collaborative actions with a corresponding research laboratory that has been established in SEMFE and is oriented towards the applications of lasers in biomedicine.



The Department of Medicine of the Democritus University of Thrace includes a total of 8 Departments, 29 institutionalized Laboratories, 31 University Clinics, as well as 19 Postgraduate Studies Programs. Within the framework of the project, Laboratories from the Morphological – Clinical-Laboratory Sector as well as from the Surgical Section collaborate.
The Laboratory of Histology-Embryology  of the Department has extensive know-how and the necessary infrastructure for the examination of samples from various tissues and organs for the diagnosis and evaluation of diseases. In the field of research, the Laboratory applies molecular techniques in order to increase the accuracy in the diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases. The Laboratory of Medical Physics  has research activity in many fields of experimental and clinical Medical Physics, such as modern methods of diagnosis. The E.I.F. is established in the P.G.N of Alexandroupolis providing clinical work.
The B’ Surgical Clinic is located in the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis. Its object of activity is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that fall under the field of General Surgery, covering the entire range of general surgery procedures with modern means and techniques. 




Integrated solutions for information systems and services

Alpha INFORMATICS SA is a regional high-tech company that provides integrated solutions for information systems and services as well as development and implementation of software applications. The company has invested its own resources in the last five years in the development of innovative software technologies in the field of image recognition and physical motion recognition. The pioneering applications developed by the software development team have been tested in the field of education, health (in surgery in real operation), trade, construction, marketing, etc. The company recently has a special interest in the application of photonics technologies in combination with software technologies in the modern economy.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


The School of Medicine was founded in 1837.  It has been delivering exceptional education and innovative research activity for 184 years and it is among the 150 best Medical Schools in the world. In the framework of the project, units from the field of surgery and imaging and interventional radiology collaborate. The 4th Department of Surgery and the Laboratory of experimental surgery and surgical research of the 2nd Department of Surgery of the University of Athens holds a leading position in innovative surgical techniques at an international level.
The Laboratory is staffed by distinguished Professors of the Medical School of Athens, postdoctoral students, PhD students, PhD candidates, junior doctors, veterinarians, biologists, scientists of informatics, medical students, technologists and a caregiver of animal standards. The 2nd Department of  Radiology is based in the General Hospital ”Attikon” and is well organized and fully equipped. It consists of 11 units, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), Interventional Radiology and a Medical Physics Unit. The Laboratory, which is located in the General Hospital ”Attikon”, offers a wide variety of clinical tools and has extensive experience in the clinical evaluation of patients. It has a large patient database as well as a large number of laboratory and imaging tests. The specialized team of the Laboratory conducts more than 70,000 examinations and practices annually. The Laboratory has focused on the development of innovative and effective minimally invasive procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases using imaging-guided procedures. Also, the research team of the laboratory has extensive experience in the evaluation and optimization of clinical protocols.