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Completion of Deliverables D.6.1, D.6.2, D.6.3, D.6.4, D.6.5 and D.6.6

On 27/07/2023 the following deliverables were completed:D.6.1: “Final protocols of prototype development “, D.6.2: “Database extension protocol”, D.6.3: “Publications”, D.6.4: “Website completion”, D.6.5: “Patent submission”, D.6.6: ” Final report of the results”.The mentioned above deliverables are related to the W.P6:…

Completion of Deliverable D.1.1

On the 27/12/2021 the deliverable P1.1: “Protocol of ex vivo experiments of the biostructures and system specifications ” which referred to the WP1 section: ” Protocol design and system specifications” was completed.

Completion of Deliverable D.2.4

On the 27/01/2022 the deliverable D2.4: “Publications” which referred to the WP2: “Analysis of spectral fingerprints and delimitation of cancerous tumors through spectroscopic imaging” was completed.

Completion of Deliverable D.2.1, D.2.2, D.2.3

On the 27/07/2022 the deliverables D2.1: ” Recording of spectral fingerprints of biostructures and creation of a spectral library”, D.2.2: “Spectroscopic imaging of healthy/cancerous tissues”, D.2.3:” Finding characteristic spectral peaks and/or distributions of cancer biostructures that will be spectral biomarkers”,…

Completion of Deliverable D.3.1, D.3.2

On the 27/12/2022 the deliverables D3.1:” Construction of the biophotonic system” and D.3.2:” Validation of the biophotonic system through checks and experiments”, which referred to the WP3 section: “Development of the biophotonic system” were completed.

Completion of Deliverable D.4.1, D.4.2

On the 27/01/2023 the deliverables D4.1: ” Signal Processing and Analysis Algorithm – Interface Creation “, D.4.2:”Creation and import into the database software”, which referred to the WP4 section: “Development of spectrum processing and analysis” were completed.

Completion of Deliverable P.5.1, P.5.2, P.5.2, P.5.3

On 27/07/2022 the deliverable D5.1: “Design and implementation of a protocol for handling laboratory animals” was completed and on 27/04/2023 the deliverables D.5.2: “Ex vivo validation of the efficiency of the biophotonic system” and D.5.2: “Pilot study of the system…